Lawn and Garden Care 101


Cutting the grass and cleaning your parking stall is your responsibility. The front flower bed area is also your responsibility and needs to be cleaned of any debris or weeds on a regular basis.
Below are some simple tips and tricks to keep your lawn in top shape this summer!

Newspapers kill weeds.
Save money from purchasing pricey weed-killing sprays. Instead, take newspaper and spread it out where you’re hoping to kill pesky weeds.  Place dirt, mulch or grass clippings on top to keep the newspaper in place and smother weeds.

Use cooking spray on your lawn mower.
Tired of clumps of grass clinging to your mower blades? Try applying cooking spray on the blades before using. Note: if your mower is gas-powered, please make sure the tank is empty first; otherwise, you’ll have a gas spill to clean up!

Keep critters out of your gardens.
Does your local neighbourhood cat like to treat your garden as their own personal litter box? Here’s what you should do. Put plastic forks, tines up, in the ground around your seedlings. Gather pine cones and use them as mulch. Cats will not be willing to walk all over those pine cones and, bonus, the pine cone mulch is esthetically pleasing to look at!

Use coffee as a critter repellent.
According to experts, some animals do not love the smell of coffee and recommend sprinkling coffee grounds in your garden to keep critters away. Coffee grounds act as a natural fertilizer, so that’s an additional benefit. You can also try using citrus peels.