Your car is a valuable asset; park it in a safe and responsible manner.

Tenants may only park in Capital Region Housing parking areas if they have signed a parking agreement.

Renting Parking Stalls

Tenants shall be assigned one parking stall per home for townhouses; if you do not have a vehicle, you may choose not to rent a parking stall. There will be an added cost for having a parking stall in the complex. This cost will vary depending on the complex and if the parking is above ground or underground. This cost will be included on your parking agreement.  


Parking Agreement

The parking agreement ensures that the stall you park in is assigned to you and cannot be used by anyone else. If you do not have a parking agreement, your vehicle could be towed and you will have to pay for the cost of the tow. Keep a copy of your parking agreement in a safe place so you can reference it.


Using your parking stall responsibly

Tenants can only park in their assigned parking stall; tenants cannot sublet their parking stall. If you have a parking stall where a pass is required, make sure your pass is clearly displayed in your vehicle. All vehicles that require a license plate must be parked in a parking stall, including motorcycles, mopeds and scooters. You cannot park vehicles in other places.


Tenants are responsible to keep their parking stall clean and  to remove snow from their parking stall in the winter. Electrical cords used to plug in your vehicle in the winter must not be left on the sidewalk or in the parking stall.


Some types vehicles and activities are not allowed in complex parking areas:

  • Broken vehicles, unlicensed vehicles, vehicles with expired license plates, or vehicles that cannot be driven from day to day. These vehicles may be tagged and towed at the tenant’s expense with no warning.

  • Campers, trailers, recreational vehicles, motorhomes, boats, snowmobiles, trucks with campers, mechanical toboggans, machinery or equipment, commercial vehicles and any vehicle in excess of 3,000 kg. These vehicles may be tagged and towed at the tenant’s expense with no warning.

  • Vehicle maintenance and repair work, including oil changes, electrical work or washing vehicles

  • Vehicles leaking any type of automotive fluid.

  • Propane fueled vehicles are not allowed in underground parkades.

If your vehicle is towed because you do not have a parking agreement or you have breached the parking agreement, you will be responsible for the cost of towing your vehicle. Capital Region Housing is not responsible for damage or theft of vehicles or the contents of vehicles parked in the complex parking area.

Contact your Site Manager or our Maintenance Department to sign a parking agreement if you do not have one.