Outdoor and common spaces

We want to create spaces for our residents to come together and build a community.

Safely using outdoor spaces and common spaces is an important part of ensuring the safety of our tenants, staff and buildings. We have developed a set of guidelines and policies to make sure everyone stays safe on our properties.

Outdoor Spaces

To ensure safety in our properties, we do not allow the following items to be used in our outdoor spaces:

Pools, including wading pools;

  • Trampolines;

  • Clotheslines;

  • Fire pits or free-standing fireplaces;

  • Signs or placards for advertising purposes;

  • Structures such as sheds, gazebos, etc.

Rugs, blankets, clothes and similar items should not be hung over railings or fences. Balconies and yards may not be used for storage. This can attract pests and damage tenants’ homes.

If the tenant lives in a townhouse, they are also responsible for keeping their yard clean in the spring and summer, including cutting the grass and pulling weeds out of the flower bed.  

In the winter, tenants are responsible for ensuring their portion of the sidewalk is clear of snow and ice.

If a tenant does not follow this policy, they will receive a written warning from the Site Manager. If the tenant does not comply, City of Edmonton bylaw will be notified to address the issue. The tenant will be responsible to pay any fine.

Common Spaces

Site Managers are responsible for caring for common spaces inside and outside. Tenants should notify their Site Manager if common spaces need maintenance or cleaning.

Please notify the Site Manager if trees or shrubs needed to be pruned or require maintenance. Tenants may not prune or cut tress on their own, for safety reasons.

Remember that common spaces are shared spaces, so please treat them respectfully and responsibly. If a tenant damages a common space, they may be charged the cost of repair.