Shalini’s Story: The day I got the keys, I felt a sense of survival.

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My whole journey took place within eight months, from filling out my application to getting the keys.  It's been challenging but very exciting! The day I decided to fill out my application, I found myself standing there confused at the CRH office!  

"I knew that I needed this help desperately as I was pregnant with my first child and had no emotional, physical and financial  support."

After applying and visiting the office a few times, with my tummy growing bigger, my need and desire for a home were getting stronger.

One month after my delivery, I finally got a call from Capital Region Housing. I felt so relieved and super excited and I couldn't wait to see my new house.  I remember carrying my new baby and new hopes close to my heart and standing outside and ringing the doorbell. 

The day I got the keys, I felt a sense of survival. I had hope that I can raise my children in a safe environment. Every single day, I am thankful to Capital Region Housing for this gift to me and my family. It has provided us with the gift of safety, security and smiles.  After 5 years of living in this home, when I look back I feel so lucky and grateful to be accepted and helped.

Thank you so much for the hopes, happiness and smiles that you have gifted my family!

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