SoCheat’s story: “I’ve become stronger and more independent.”

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“Living in my neighbourhood has been amazing. I have no words!” SoCheat, Community Housing.

“I was referred by a friend to apply for housing at CRH and it has been amazing. Back in Cambodia I had friends and things were familiar, but here in Canada there are more opportunities for education and government support. Capital Region Housing has affected my daughters a lot, a lot. They’ve become happier and more joyful. As a single parent, I’m still able to provide for my kids to get what they need and then I still have food to eat, we have good clothes. I still have the money that I still can provide my kids to go out on programs. This is the way your home should be, it should bring you joy and happiness.

Capital Region Housing has changed my life a lot. I’ve become more independent, I’ve become stronger and I’ve proven to a lot of people that I can do anything.”

This is SoCheat’s Story. Originally from Cambodia, SoCheat and her daughters found their home in Capital Region Housing’s Community Housing Program. When asked how living with CRH changed her life, SoCheat noted that the impact on her daughters has been tremendous; they now have enough room to play and invite friends to share in their sense of community. Living with CRH has also allowed SoCheat to have access to support services and amenities close to her home.