Modifying your home

Make minor changes to your home to make it your own

Everyone has their own preferences on how they choose to make their home unique. We understand that and encourage you to be comfortable and decorate your home the way you like. For larger, more impactful modifications that can affect the overall condition of the unit, we do have some general policies and guidelines.

If you still have questions or concerns after reading this page, please contact us at 780-420-6161.


If you wish to hang pictures or photos, please use small finishing hooks. You may not repaint, wallpaper, change the flooring, redecorate, finish the basement, add or remove walls, or any make any other interior changes. It is not permitted to add or remove fencing, install items such as sheds, gazebos, decks, patios, or play structures, or make any other changes in the yard.

Basements and Additional Bedrooms

Community Housing townhouses may have a concrete basement. Concrete basements are not dry basements and may leak.  These basements are not fit for bedrooms or other living accommodations. The basement can only be used for storage at the risk of the tenant.

If a tenant requires additional bedrooms for their household because their household has changed, please complete a Change of Household Information form [link to form] and a Transfer Request form [link to form], available online at or in the office. Do NOT create a bedroom in the basement.

Tenant installed air conditioners

Tenants may install air conditioners in their homes after receiving Capital Region Housing approval. Tenants must request approval for an air conditioner in writing. The Capital Region Housing maintenance department will evaluate their request to ensure it meets these standards:

  • Air conditioners should be portable floor model air conditioners that use one or more hose(s) attached to a window opening

  • Window hung air conditioners are not allowed unless specific permission is granted by Capital Region  Housing

  • Air conditioners must be air conditioners only and not combined heater/conditioner units

  • The installation and operation of air conditioners must not disturb other tenants

  • The tenant may install the air conditioner themselves using the factory provided vent insert if it can be installed without screwing to the window frame.

  • The installation, operation, and maintenance of the air conditioner must comply with the manufacturer’s recommendations

  • No additional electrical outlets or circuits can be installed. Tenants must ensure they use the correctly rated circuit breaker for the circuit used by the air conditioning unit.


Satellite dishes and radio and TV antenna

Tenants may install satellite dishes or radio or TV antenna after receiving Capital Region Housing approval; this request must be received in writing. Satellite dishes or radio or TV antenna may be installed in a fenced yard area, but cannot be installed into the fence, window frame, roof, or any other part of the building.

Ceiling fans

Tenants may install ceiling fans after receiving Capital Region Housing approval; this request must be made in writing. If approved, installation must be completed by a qualified electrician. Tenants will be asked to provide documentation to show that this was done.

Aids for Daily Living

Capital Region Housing supports our tenants who require aids for their daily living. Tenants may install aids for daily living after receiving Capital Region Housing approval; these requests must be made in writing.  Aids to daily living are any items which are needed to make everyday life easier. These can include, but are not limited to, grab bars, specialized seating devices, wheelchairs, and homecare beds. Tenants must return the unit to its former state unless the installed aid is approved for retention by Capital Region Housing. Capital Region Housing, where possible, will help tenants apply to Alberta Aids to Daily Living to cover the cost of needed aids.