Our priority is to help families find home.

Capital Region Housing is the largest provider of social and near market housing in the Edmonton area. We receive many applications every month and do our best to ensure we process them quickly and efficiently. Because we are governed by the  Social Housing Accommodation Regulation, Capital Region Housing maintains a priority list rather than a waitlist. This means we offer housing and rent supplements based on priority and not on a first-come, first-served basis.  The only exception to this is our Near Market Housing program.

The priority list is the list of all applicant households in decreasing order, from highest priority (point score) to lowest priority (point score). The priority list can change as a household's situation changes or more applicants are added. Capital Region Housing keeps priority lists for each building based on unit size for Community Housing or based on municipality for the Direct Rent Supplement program. Because the priority list is always shifting, we cannot tell applicants how long they will wait for housing or rent supplement.

Priority List Management for Community Housing and Rent Supplement Programs

Capital Region Housing maintains priority lists for each program based on the applicant household’s point score. Applicants may select any or all programs and be on all priority lists. For more information on how the priority list is managed, click here. If you want to know more about point scoring, there is more information here.

Priority lists for Community Housing are separated by building and bedroom size. Applicant households must apply for the bedroom size based on the rules for who and how many people can share bedrooms. If you have any questions about this, please contact Capital Region Housing. Priority lists for Direct Rent Supplement are separated by municipality. Priority lists for Private Landlord Rent Supplement are separated by municipality, building and bedroom size.

The household with the highest point score on the priority list will be allocated the next available subsidy or home appropriate for the household size. In the event that more than one household has the same priority (point score), the household that applied first will have priority.

Applications for transfers within Community Housing will be placed on the priority list for the buildings they have selected.


Updating Your Application

It is important that applicants update Capital Region Housing if their situation changes because this may change their point score and their place on the priority list.

·      If an applicant has the highest priority and there is an available home or subsidy, we need to be able to contact the applicant

·      If Capital Region Housing cannot contact an applicant, we may cancel their application

·      If you are concerned that it may be difficult to contact you, you can also provide a Consent to Release that allows Capital Region Housing to contact another person (such as an advocate or family member outside of your household) on your behalf.


Someone has moved in or out of my home, or a baby was born:

Please complete the Change of Household Information form

My income or a household member’s income has changed:

Please complete the Change of Income form.

My contact information has changed:

Please complete the Change of Contact Information form

I have moved or my rent amount has changed:

Please complete the Change of Rental Information form

If the place(s) where an applicant wants to live has changed or they will need a larger or smaller unit, the applicant must submit a new bedroom listing (see below). 


Removing Applications from the Priority List

Applicant households will remain on the priority list unless:

  • Mail sent by Capital Region Housing is returned unopened and there is no other means of contacting the applicant household.

  • Attempts to reach the applicant household by phone, email or via approved third-party contacts are unsuccessful after 3 weeks from the initial attempt.

  • More than one year passes from the last point of contact from the applicant household, or any person on their behalf.

  • The household refuses the offer of housing accommodation twice for no reasonable reasons in either the Community Housing or Private Landlord Rent Supplement programs.

  • The household is residing in housing that is not eligible for the Direct Rent Supplement program and informs Capital Region Housing that they will not move to housing that would be eligible.

  • The household asks to withdraw their application and be removed from the priority list.