Heat Registers

CRH apartments are heated using hot water radiators in the baseboard.

How do hot water radiators work?
Hot water radiators contain small pipes full of hot water. The hot water moves through your home in the pipes and releases heat into the air. Hot water radiators are usually located underneath windows because that is the coldest part of the room.

The radiator is controlled by the electric thermostat on the wall. In the winter, keep the thermostat about 20 degrees always. There is a small vent on the baseboard radiator. If you want less heat, you can partially close the vent on the radiator. If you want more heat in your home, you can fully open the vent.

Do not cover the radiator with furniture or drapes. This will prevent the heat from moving through your home.  If cold air gets into your home or if the heat cannot circulate properly because the radiator is blocked, the hot water pipes that heat your home may freeze. If the hot water pipes freeze, they can burst and flood your home and other people’s homes.

How can I prevent frozen hot water pipes in the winter?

Look for cold draughts. Check that windows, doors, and patio or balcony doors close tightly and keep them closed during the winter months. If your windows or doors need repair, notify your Site Manager. If the windows or doors are damaged by the tenant, the tenant may be charged back the cost of repair.

Keep the heat on. Keep your thermostat set between 20 and 23 degrees during the winter.
Keep curtains, drapes, or furniture at least one foot away from heat registers so that heat can circulate from the register through your home.  

Have someone check your home. If you are going away during the winter, make sure to leave the heat on inside and have someone come and check your home every day. Your house sitter should run the water when they check on your home to keep water moving through your pipes.

Find your water shut-off valve. Know where to find the water shut-off valve in your home. Your Site Manager should have shown you where the shut off valve is on the heat register and your unit shut off valve.

If a radiator pipe bursts, it is your responsibility to shut off the water immediately. After shutting the water off, contact your site manager or the CRH After Hours Emergency line at 780-420-6161. Tenants may be charged the cost for any damages caused by frozen hot water pipes.

If you have any questions about how your heat register works or where to locate the shut off valve, call your Site Manager or the CRH Maintenance Department at 780-420-6161 extension 2.

What should I do if I have no heat in my home?

  1. Check the thermostat on the wall.

  2. If the thermostat is set above 20 degrees, check the radiators are not blocked by furniture, curtains or rugs.

  3. If the radiators are uncovered, check that the vents on the radiators are open.

If there is still no heat, call your Site Manage or the CRH Maintenance Department at 780-420-6161. If after hours, call the CRH After Hours Emergency Line at 780-420-6161.