Maintaining safe spaces for our tenants is a shared responsibility.

CRH has developed a set of standard policies and guidelines that help everyone take responsibility for creating a positive and safe living environment. We have over 5,000 living units throughout Edmonton, and in order to help as many families as we can, we need to ensure that we’re managing our current residences well.

Our policies are meant to set a common expectation among all of our tenants, so that we can operate efficiently as an organization.

Paying Your Rent

Rent is due on the first of the month and can be paid via cheque, cash, debit payment, third party payment, or direct deposit; it cannot be paid with credit card.  If your wish to pay your rent via direct deposit, you should contact your financial institution; CRH cannot set up direct deposit for tenants. If you are paying your rent at our office, please bring government-issued photo identification (such as a driver’s license, passport, or permanent resident card). If you are mailing a cheque for your rent payment, please include your name and tenant code (t-code) so that your payment can be linked to your account.  Do NOT mail cash.

Review the full policy here [link to Rent Info Sheet]

Tenant Maintenance Responsibilities

As part of your residential tenancy agreement, tenants are responsible for minor repairs and upkeep in their homes, which will help keep your home in its best condition. This includes changing light bulbs, furnace filters (townhouses only), and batteries in smoke detectors and keeping their balcony or yard clean. If you need assistance, please contact your Site Manager. If anything inside or outside your home is broken, please contact your Site Manager.


We understand that you may want to go on vacation or might have family emergencies that require being away from your home.  If you will be away from your home for more than 14 consecutive days, you must provide written notification to Capital Region Housing and provide the name and phone number of an emergency contact who will be able to get ahold of you while you are away, so that in case of an emergency we are able to help. During the time that you’re away, we ask that you have someone regularly check in on your home. You are also still responsible for all rent, utilities, parking and other payments during your absence.

Review the full policy here [link to Absence Info Sheet]

Guests & Visitors

We understand and encourage our tenants to invite guests and visitors to their homes. However, we do have guidelines around how we manage long term guests in our units. Tenants may have guests stay overnight. Tenants must submit a written request to CRH for any guest that stays for more than 14 days in a row, and will receive written notice if approved. A guest who is a Canadian resident can stay for no more than 30 days in a year (in a row or separated). A guest who is not a resident of Canada may not stay longer than 90 days, in a row or separated.

Review the full policy here [link to Guests and Visitors Info Sheet]


Tenants may only park in Capital Region Housing parking areas if they have signed a parking agreement. The parking agreement ensures that the stall you park in is assigned to you and cannot be used by anyone else. If you do not have a parking agreement, your vehicle could be towed. If you do not have a vehicle, you may choose not to rent a parking stall. There will be an added cost for having a parking stall in the complex, which will vary depending on the complex and if the parking is above ground or underground.

Pets and Service Dogs

We recognize that pets are part of a happy home. Tenants may have one pet with approval from Capital Region Housing. Tenants must submit a pet application and sign a pet addendum before moving a pet into their home. Near Market and Mixed Income Housing tenants must pay a non-refundable pet deposit of $150.00.  Tenants are fully responsible for their pet and any damage they may cause. Tenants must clean up after their pet. The pet must be spayed or neutered, licensed, and vaccinated. Tenants must follow all City of Edmonton bylaws about pets.

Service dogs are not considered pets. There are no breed restrictions on a qualified service dog but the service dog must have appropriate documentation to be recognized as a service dog.


Review the full policy here

Security & Crime Free Multi Housing

Tenants need to participate in keeping our buildings safe and secure. Do not let other people into the building as you enter or exit the building. If someone is a guest, they should contact the person they are there to see via the intercom. If a delivery person requests access and you are not expecting a delivery, do not let them in. Report suspicious activity to the Edmonton Police Service non-emergency line at 780-423-4567.  If you lose or forget your keys or fob, contact your site manager or Capital Region Housing at 780-420-6161. In the case of an emergency, call the Edmonton Police Services at 911.

All Capital Region Housing buildings are part of the Edmonton Police Service Crime Free Multi Housing Program. To be part of this program, all our buildings are inspected annually by the Edmonton Police Service. They will look for things such as community facilities to promote social interaction, secure access to the building, and good lighting on site and suggest improvements. As part of the Crime Free Multi Housing program, tenants must sign an addendum to their lease. This addendum states that criminal activity is considered a substantial breach of their Residential Tenancy Agreement and Residential Tenancies Act and can result in their eviction.

Review the full policy here [link to Security and CFMH Info Sheet]

Change of Household Information

Our programs are administered in accordance with provincial regulations that take into consideration certain household information. In order to make sure you’re getting the best solution for your household, we need to make sure we have all of your current household information. If anything changes, such as contact information, plans to move, changes in the residents of your household, etc. you will need to inform Capital Region Housing.

Review the full policy here [link to Change of Household Information info sheet]

After Hours Emergencies

If you need help outside of business hours, we are still available to help. GardaWorld Security is our partner in safety & security for all of our buildings. They are available to assist in emergencies after regular business hours during the week and over the weekend. If you experience a problem after business hours, call 780-420-6161. You will be redirected to the GardaWorld security line. They will help figure out if it is necessary to send a contractor or security staff. If it is not an emergency, you will be advised to contact your Site Manager the next business day.

Review the full policy here [link to After Hours and Maintenance Emergencies info sheet]

Tenant Damages and Chargebacks

Tenants are responsible for maintaining their home in good condition. Tenants who do not comply with their residential tenancy agreement and/or damage the unit beyond normal wear and tear shall be charged for repairs. Charges can be applied if you have damaged the unit beyond normal wear and tear, you have not complied with your responsibilities under the residential tenancy agreement, or you did not complete the move out cleaning checklist prior to the move out inspection. Tenants may also be fined for non-compliance – such as improper garbage disposal, no power in unit or failing to transfer power to their name.

Review the full policy here [link to Tenant Damages and Chargebacks Info sheet]

Live-in Aide

Capital Region Housing supports tenants who wish to live at home independently with assistance.
The Social Housing Accommodation Regulation allows for a live-in aide to live with a tenant in Community Housing to provide services or assistance to enable other members of the household to be functionally independent. A live-in aide must be approved by Capital Region Housing before they move in to a tenant’s home. Applicants and tenants who require a live-in aide must complete a Live-in Aide Application form [add link] and submit it to their Application or Housing Clerk. A live-in aide must have their own bedroom in the home.

Review the full policy here [link to Live In Aide Info sheet]