CRH townhouses are heated using furnaces, which require regular care.

How do furnaces work?

Furnaces suck in air from inside your home, warm the air, and then spread the air through your home through a system of tubes. The air is warmed by a natural gas burner inside the furnace. Furnaces use electricity to power the fan and motor, so if the power goes out, your furnace will not work.

The furnace filter filters out things in the air brought into the furnace. If your furnace filter becomes dirty or clogged, the air in your home will be dirtier and your furnace may not work.  If a contractor is called to your home because there is no heat and your furnace filter is dirty, you may be charged this cost. It is important to check and replace your furnace filter regularly to keep your air clean and your furnace working better.


How do I check and replace the furnace filter?

Your Site Manager should have shown you how to replace the filter when you moved in.  The filter is located between the cold air intake and the furnace. Some furnaces may have a small cover over the filter. Open the door as you were shown to check the filter. The filter will have an arrow on it showing the direction the air is moving. The filter will also have a number on it showing the size of the filter.

Pull the old filter out – it will be full of dust and debris and look brown. Try to look through the filter. If you can look through it easily, the filter does not have to be replaced yet. If not, put the old filter in a trash bag to catch the dust.

The new filter will be white and clean. Slide the new filter into the same spot between the cold air intake and the furnace. Ensure the arrow is pointing towards the furnace. Put the cover back in place.

If you have any questions, call your Site Manager or the CRH Maintenance Department at 780-420-6161 ex 2.


How can I keep my furnace working safely?

Check your furnace filter every two to four months to make sure it is still clean. If the furnace filter is dirty, replace it with a clean one. You can buy a furnace filter at the hardware store. Make sure you buy the right size filter as there are many options depending on the furnace.

Never plug or cover vents in your home. These bring in air for the furnace and spread the warm air through your home. If you cover the vents, the air cannot move.  Keep the area around your furnace clear by at least 6 feet. Do not run the furnace with the fan door removed.

Keep all furnace panels and grills in place.

Do not play with the furnace switch.

If you have no heat in your home:

  1. Check your thermostat on the wall.

  2. If the thermostat is set, check that the furnace is working.

  3. If you can hear the furnace making sound, check the vents in the bedrooms and living rooms.

  4. If the air coming out of the vent is cold or there is little air, check your furnace filter.

  5. If the furnace filter is dirty, replace it with a clean filter.


If there is still no heat, call your Site Manage or the CRH Maintenance Department at 780-420-6161. If after hours, call the CRH After Hours Emergency Line at 780-420-6161.