Customer Focus

We strive to create meaningful, two-way relationships with our customers.

Capital Region Housing values its customers and their experiences, and we are dedicated to working to best serve our customers and stakeholders. We’ve developed a customer focus framework, so that we can be more transparent with our customers and create more meaningful connections that help us improve our organization.

A customer is anyone who receives services, programs, or benefits from Capital Region Housing. This includes tenants, subsidy recipients, applicants, stakeholders, and staff. We respect and value the broad diversity represented in our customers.

We recognize that our customers are a source of knowledge and we want our customers to help contribute to developing a model of customer service through internal working groups, tenant advisory councils, and other feedback and involvement opportunities.

We set the following expectations for ourselves:

  • We shall handle customer information with care and shall respect customer privacy.

  • We shall be approachable and address customers with fairness, respect, and courtesy.

  • We shall communicate in a manner that is clear and easy to understand to improve transparency of services and service processes.

  • All outgoing communication such as email and letters shall use plain language for ease of understanding and transparency.

  • We shall respond to customer inquiries and complaints with sensitivity and in a timely manner.

  • We shall assist every customer to the best of our ability including connecting customers with other staff or organizations and making appropriate referrals either within the organization or to external services, to the best of their ability.

  • We will work respectfully with other staff members.

Capital Region Housing has the following expectations for customers and stakeholders:

  • Fair, respectful and courteous interaction with Capital Region Housing representatives. Abuse will not be tolerated.

  • Only necessary and appropriate contact should be made with Capital Region Housing representatives.

  • To be prepared with the appropriate information, documentation, and knowledge to the best of their ability for conversations with Capital Region Housing representatives.

  • To comply with reasonable requests made by Capital Region Housing representatives.

Capital Region Housing is committed to providing goods and services that are accessible to all people and will develop and maintain policies, procedures and practices that will ensure accessible customer service is provided to everyone, including people with disabilities.

Customer service will be provided in a way that allows people to maintain self-respect and the respect of others. Customer service will be provided in a way that respected the freedom of customers to make their own choices and decisions. People will disabilities will be served in the same place, and in the same or similar ways as other customers.


Capital Region Housing shall have multiple avenues through which customers can contact appropriate persons and departments or access information:

  • In person: 10232 112 Street NW T5K 1M4

  • On the web:

  • Over the phone: 780-420-6161

  • Via fax: 780-426-6854

  • Through email: [email protected]

  • Twitter: @EdmontonCRHC

  • Facebook: Capital Region Housing Edmonton

  • Instagram: capital_region_housing

  • LinkedIn: Capital Region Housing

Capital Region Housing Customer Service staff also work out of the North East Community Hub on Tuesday and Thursday mornings.