CRH Stars

Our youth should be reaching for the stars.

The CRH Students Total Achievement and Recognition (STAR) Awards is designed to motivate and encourage youth living in CRH housing to strive for and achieve excellence in academics and professional development. Through engagement, empowerment, education and stability we want to create healthy and stable homes, communities and tenancies for our youth in the capital region.

Awards are issued to High School students based on academic performance meeting the acceptance criteria for the Alexander Rutherford High School Achievement Scholarship. To qualify for awards, students must have successfully completed at least five (5) subjects at grade level.

CRH Stars is open to children and/or dependents of CRH staff, tenants and subsidy recipients only.

CRH Stars Workshops

Are you interested in building your portfolio for attending post-secondary institutions or applying for jobs? Learn more HERE about our four different workshops for youth.

CRH Stars Youth Leadership Program

This is an 8-month program designed to foster personal, professional and community development skills for youth. To learn more about how this program can work for you, click HERE.

Not ready to apply just yet? Download an application HERE.