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This information is for tenants currently participating in our Community Housing program. All of this information can also be found in the Community Housing Tenant Handbook.

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Rent is calculated using the rules in the Alberta Housing Act. Rent includes heat, water and sewer costs. Tenants pay extra for electricity.

Rent Schedule

For tenants receiving money from Alberta Employment and Immigration, including Alberta Works Income Support and Learner Income Support, the rent is based on the Rent Schedule in effect (All schedules are subject to change without notice).

30% of Income

When tenants earn money from other sources, such as employment or pensions, rent is based on 30% of their gross monthly income.

Minimum Rent

The lowest amount the rent will be is $120 per month.

Rent Payments

Rent payments are due, in full, on or before the first day of each month. See instructions on paying your rent.

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Income Reviews

Annual Income Reviews

Tenants complete an Annual Income Review Form each year. The information is used to ensure that they still qualify for subsidized housing and to determine their next year's rent. Forms are mailed to tenants approximately four months before their anniversary date.

Changes during the Year

Tenants must complete a Change of Information Form to advise of changes that occur during the year if:

  • they start to receive Alberta Works Income Support or Learner Income Support from Alberta Employment and Immigration - their rent will be based on the Rent Schedule in effect
  • their gross monthly income decreases by more than $35 - their rent may be lowered
  • someone moves in or out - their rent will be recalculated based on the new family composition

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Landlord Responsibilities

Capital Region Housing is responsible for maintenance of the premises.

For example, the Site Manager arranges for or completes repairs if appliances break down or taps leak.

Tenant Responsibilities

Tenants also have a responsibility to maintain their residential premises. They are expected to keep their home clean and in a reasonable state of repair. If tenants or their guests cause damage, the tenants are required to pay for the repairs. Tenants failing to report maintenance concerns to their Site Managers will be charged. For example, running/dripping taps or leaking toilets that go unrepaired may result in charges for excess water usage and damages to the premise.

Charges are as follows (all charges are subject to change without notice):

Repairs by Site Manager $25 per hour plus GST, minimum charge is 1 hour.
Removal of garbage from steps/exterior of premises $15 per bag plus GST.
Repairs by Contractors Determined based on the work completed and the rates charged by the contractors.



  • Emergencies include things like broken water pipes, furnaces not working, sewer backups, or fires.
  • Tenants are to advise their Site Manager if they have an emergency during the day. If the Site Manager does not answer the phone, tenants should leave a message on the answering machine and then call Capital Region Housing's maintenance department at 780-420-6161.

For MAINTENANCE EMERGENCIES after hours and on weekends, tenants are to call 780-420-6161. The answering service will assist them.

Hazardous Conditions

  • Tenants must tell their Site Manager immediately if they know of or find any hazardous or dangerous conditions on or around the rental property.

Preventing Dangerous Conditions at Home

Some of the things tenants can do to help prevent dangerous conditions at home include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Pay attention when using the stove - over 50% of the fires in Capital Region Housing's properties are caused by cooking oil left unattended on the stove;
  • Be careful with candles - candles also cause a significant number of fires;
  • Avoid leaving matches and lighters where children can find them;
  • Avoid storing large quantities of combustible material or flammable liquid in the home - only keep small amounts, and in containers approved especially for that kind of material;
  • Check and clean the smoke alarms each month and tell the Site Manager if they need repairs. If your smoke detector is not working properly, replace the battery and report it to the Site Manager. Tenants are not allowed to remove the smoke detector for any reason.
  • Avoid installing any additional wiring or heating units without written permission from Capital Region Housing;
  • Keep the area around the furnace and hot water tank clear;
  • Keep the sidewalks, steps, and parking stall clear of ice, snow, and debris;
  • Avoid placing any objects, such as flowerpots, flower boxes and planters, flags, or laundry, on exterior windowsills or hanging them over the balcony railings or fences;
  • Avoid parking unlicensed and or inoperable vehicles. They will be removed at your expense. Vehicles found parked in fire lanes will be ticketed and towed at the owners' expense.

Repairs to the Rental Premises

  • Tenants can do some of the minor repairs themselves, including changing light bulbs, changing furnace filters, replacing batteries in the smoke alarm and replacing doorstops.
  • Tenants needing help with these or any other repairs, should contact their Site Manager. The Site Manager is available to answer telephone calls personally between 4:30 pm to 6:00 pm Monday to Friday. At other times during the day, tenants may need to leave a message on the Site Manager's answering machine.
  • Tenants may be charged for call-outs and repairs in the following situations:
    • the tenants, or people allowed on the premises by them, caused the problem;
    • a contractor is called out for an after hours emergency call and determines there was nothing wrong.

Click here for more Maintenance information.

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Renters Insurance

It is strongly recommended that tenants buy renters insurance.

Financial Protection

Insurance may be necessary in case of fire, theft, or water damage to cover loss or damage to personal belongings. It will also provide financial protection in the event of accidental injury or damage to property. Note that CRH does not reimburse tenants or pay on their claims for damages resulting from flooded basements and/or sewer back-ups.


Tenants, who live in Community Housing and own a pet, must have liability insurance.

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Capital Region Housing Corporation allows pets. Tenants may have one pet - a small dog, cat, rabbit, or ferret.


Tenants must apply to have a pet. They complete the Pet Application Form and give it to their Site Manager. Upon approval, the tenant signs an addendum to their Residential Tenancy Agreement - Permission to Have a Pet.

Rules and Regulations

Tenants are required to follow the rules and regulations as stated in the addendum. Some of the rules and regulations include the following:

  •  The pet will be under 50 cm (20") at the shoulder and less than 16kg (35lbs) at adult size;
  • Certain pets , including, but not limited to, Rottweilers, Doberman Pinschers, Blue Heelers, Pit Bulls, German Shepherds, Chow Chows, Shar-peis, American Eskimos, American Staffordshire Terriers, Pit Bull Terriers, American Pit Bull Terriers, Staffordshire Bull Terriers, Mastiffs, Dogos Argentinos (Argentinian Mastiffs), Rhodesian Ridgebacks, crosses of those breeds, excessively noisy or loud birds, snakes, spiders and/or other animals deemed to be dangerous or vicious in nature, will not be permitted under any circumstances, and the Landlord's discretion in this matter shall be absolute;
  • The tenant will secure the pet whenever the landlord, its agents, and/or its contractors are in the premises.

Tenants are not permitted to dog-sit or have dogs visit.

Tenants may obtain the complete Pet Regulations by contacting Capital Region Housing's office.

Service Dogs

Service dogs, specially trained to assist individuals with disabilities, are permitted. The Tenant must provide the Landlord with a copy of their identification card, displaying the Alberta Government logo and picture of the owner and the service dog. If the Tenant does not have an identification card, they must provide the Landlord with a letter from their physician to verify the need for a service dog and written confirmation from an Assistance Dogs International (ADI) accredited school that the dog has been trained and is qualified as a service dog.

Although service dogs are not pets, the pet application and pet addendum are still required.

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Tenant Relations

Tenants live in residential properties with families from a variety of backgrounds. Ideas about acceptable behaviour will vary.

It is expected that tenants will follow the rules and regulations of their lease agreement, ensuring they do not interfere with the rights of their neighbours. From time to time, problems do occur. They often involve concerns around noise, parties, parking stalls, and pets.

If tenants are unable to resolve the issues themselves, they are welcome to contact Capital Region Housing Corporation for assistance. Site Managers and office staff are available to help.

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Tenants may apply to move from one Community Housing rental property to another.

Who Qualifies

Tenants may qualify for a transfer if:

  • they need a larger or a smaller place because of a change in their family members
  • they need a different style of accommodation for medical reasons
  • they require a different area of the city, closer to a school that will provide for the special needs of one of their children
  • they require a different location for personal safety

Where and How to Apply

Completed applications may be mailed, hand-delivered, or faxed to:

Capital Region Housing
10232 - 112 Street NW
Edmonton, Alberta T5K 1M4

Fax: 780-426-6854

The Transfer Application Form is available online or from our office. Tenants must attach an Area and Bedroom List stating where they would like to live and how many bedrooms they need.

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Moving Out

One Rental Month's Notice

Tenants must give a full rental month's, written notice that they are moving. The notice must be given on or before the first of the month to be effective the last day of the month.

Giving Notice

Notices may be hand-delivered to the Site Manager or hand-delivered, faxed, or mailed to Capital Region Housing's office.

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Site Managers

Tenants may call them if they have problems or need repairs to their residential premises. See the Site Manager Phone List for names and telephone numbers.

Hours of Work

The Site Managers do most of their work during the day. Tenants should leave a message on the answering machine if the Site Manager is not at home when they call.

If tenants want to speak directly with their Site Manager, they may call between 4:30 pm and 6:00 pm Monday to Friday. The Site Managers ensure someone is there to answer the phone personally during those times.

After Hours

For maintenance emergencies, after hours and on the weekends, tenants call 780-420-6161 for assistance.

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Security Deposits

Security deposits are the same as the first month's rent or $350, whichever is less. They are placed in a trust account during the tenancy. Interest is compounded annually and paid out at the end of the lease agreement.

Extended Absence from Edmonton Policy

Tenants may need to leave Edmonton for extended periods of time. They must contact Capital Region Housing to advise of their absence and to obtain permission. The maximum number of days tenants can be absent from their premises is 60 consecutive days

Complaints against Tenants

Complaints must be investigated to determine their validity. The rights of the tenants and of Capital Region Housing must be protected.

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Related Information

Download the Community Housing Tenant Handbook.

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For MAINTENANCE EMERGENCIES after hours and on weekends, tenants call 780-420-6161 for assistance.


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