Here are some commonly asked questions from rent supplement recipients.

If you have a question about our rent supplement programs and policies, there is a good chance that someone else has asked the same question. Below is a list of our most frequently asked questions, along with some helpful answers. Take a look at these before you contact us, so that you can get your answer as quickly as possible. If you’re still not sure, call our office at any time.

Who is a supplement recipient?
A household who has been allocated a Direct Rent Supplement (DRS) or a Private Landlord Rent Supplement (PLRS). These households continue to live in the private rental market. Capital Region Housing is not the landlord.

What is my tenant code (t-code?)
A unique identifier for CRH tenant and recipient households. It starts with the letter “T”, followed by two zeros and five other numbers. Your tenant code will be included in all correspondence you receive from us. Use this code when you contact Capital Region Housing so we can more easily bring up your file. Even though they are not tenants, supplement recipients will still have Tenant codes, because of the way our information management system works.

How and when do I receive my rent supplement payment?
DRS recipients receive their rent supplement payment monthly through direct deposit towards the end of each month. Direct deposit information is available from your financial institution. If you are a PLRS recipient, you pay your portion of the rent directly to your landlord. Your landlord will receive payment from Capital Region Housing directly for the first of each month

My income has changed, what does that mean for me?
Please complete the Change of Income Information form. If your income changes, your DRS amount or your PLRS tenant rent amount may change. If you or someone in your household begins receiving Alberta Income Support, your supplement or rent may change based on the core shelter rates. If your household income has decreased by $35 per month or more, Capital Region Housing can temporarily reduce your rent or increase your supplement.

My household changed, what does that mean for me?
Please complete the Change of Household Information form.  If someone moved into your household, please submit the new household member’s citizenship status, income and asset information so we can reassess your household eligibility. If the new household member would make the recipient household ineligible, the recipient will be notified that they will lose their subsidy. The recipient can choose not to add the new household member and keep their subsidy. If the recipient household is still eligible, the new household member will be added to the file. If someone moved out of your home, the household member can be removed from the recipient file.

If you are a DRS recipient:

We will recalculate your household income and your subsidy amount. 

If you are a PLRS recipient:

We will recalculate your household income and your tenant rent amount. 

My contact information has changed, what does that mean for me?
Please complete the Change of Contact Information form if your email address or phone number has changed. It’s important to keep Capital Region Housing updated if your contact information changes so we can get in touch with you.

I want to move or I have moved, what do I have to do?

If you are a DRS recipient:

Please complete the Change of Rental Information form and submit your new tenancy agreement (lease) if you have moved or are planning to move. You must tell Capital Region Housing either before the move or within 2 months after the move to a new home in order to continue to receive the rent supplement for the new address. The new home must still be eligible to continue receiving the rent supplement. If a recipient does not tell Capital Region Housing about these changes, their rent supplement may be cancelled. Adjustments to rent supplements based on a change of address will take effect the date Capital Region Housing is notified of the change, not the date of the change itself.

If you are a PLRS recipient:
Please provide the appropriate notice to terminate your tenancy to your landlord. Please notify Capital Region Housing that you are moving out. Your rent supplement will not go with you to your new home.

Why do I have to submit my income information every year?
Capital Region Housing is required by section 5 of the Social Housing Accommodation Regulation to verify the income of all subsidy recipients every year to confirm eligibility. The annual income review is also used to calculate your rent or subsidy amount every year. Your annual income review must be completed by the anniversary of your rent subsidy agreement.