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We rely on high quality work and competitive pricing from our service providers in order to deliver the best housing solutions for our customers. As we develop new homes, redevelop existing ones, or seek out partners for maintenance and other services, we reach out to external service providers to provide competitive tenders.

If you’re a service provider looking to submit a bid for one of our tenders, please search open opportunities listed on Alberta Purchasing Connection.

Current Opportunities

Introducing the Building Careers That Fit 6-Week Pilot Construction Program!

NAIT, Stuart Olson and Capital Region Housing have worked together to develop a 6-week pilot program entitled “Building Careers that Fit: An Introduction to Construction.” Note: Eligible applicants must be customers of Capital Region Housing

APPLY today! Please send resumes to [email protected]

Employment Opportunities:

More Information:

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19P-BID-CD-Demolition-Lendrum Manor and Lendrum Villa has been posted to APC!

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CRH-2019-004-B Contract Administration for Asphalt Shingle Replacement-Clareview II has been posted to apc!. Click the link below for more details!

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CRH-2019-005-A Exhaust Fan Replacements-Multiple has been posted to APC!

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Debriefing Guidelines

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