Prospective PLRS Landlords

What is the Private Landlord Rent Supplement Program?

At this time, we are no longer accepting applications by landlords for the Private Landlord Rent Supplement program

The intent of the Program is to assist households in need to obtain affordable and suitable rental accommodation in privately owned modest rental projects.

Tenants pay 30% of their gross monthly adjusted income directly to the private landlords for rent. Capital Region Housing then pays the landlord the difference between the tenant's portion and the market rent agreed to by the landlord and Capital Region Housing.

How do I participate in the program?

To participate, a landlord must first complete a Private Landlord Application. If Capital Region Housing does not have an immediate need for the housing accommodation, the application will be kept on file.

If the housing accommodation is approved for the Program, Capital Region Housing and the landlord must agree on the market rent (which must be the same as that for other similar units in the project and surrounding area, is set for one year, and is reviewed annually) and enter into an operating agreement that is between 1 and 3 years, and is renewable.

What is considered a "modest rental project"?

Modest accommodation would not include:

  • Rent higher than a comparable unit in an average neighborhood
  • Indoor or underground parking included in the rent
  • More than 3 appliances
  • More than 3 of the following extra features: Fireplace, balcony, air-conditioning, swimming pool, sauna, Jacuzzi, games room, satellite TV, party room, central vacuum system, security guard, tennis court, squash/racquetball court, vaulted ceiling, extra bath facility


How do I find suitable tenants?

Capital Region Housing will refer prospective tenants to the landlord.  Prospective tenants apply to Capital Region Housing for the program and must be eligible in accordance with the program's governing legislation.  The application submitted to Capital Region Housing is confidential and cannot be provided to the landlord.

The landlord-tenant relationship is between the private landlord and the tenant.  It is the responsibility of the landlord, and is in their best interest, to conduct reference checks on prospective tenants. Capital Region Housing will not be responsible for a tenant's failure to observe the terms of the tenancy agreement, e.g., payment of their portion of rent.

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