Private Landlord Rent Supplement

The Private Landlord Rent Supplement Program provides for subsidized housing in privately owned complexes. Capital Region Housing (CRH) administers this program in Edmonton and the surrounding communities.

How can this Program help me?

In this program, clients rent from a private landlord and they pay rent based on 30% of their gross income to their landlord. CRH pays the landlord the difference between the agreed market rent and the subsidized rent paid by the tenant. Eligibility for continued assistance, which is subject to ongoing funding, is reviewed annually.

Rental charges include heat and water. Tenants pay for their electricity. If electricity is included in the market rent charged by the landlord, then the tenant is required to pay an amount estimated to be equal to the monthly charge for their suite.

Am I Eligible for this Program?

To qualify, applicants must be Canadian Citizens, independent landed immigrants, or government sponsored landed immigrants. Assets and belongings cannot exceed $25,000.

Within the city of Edmonton, the program is available to single individuals and couples without children who need bachelor or one bedroom accommodation.

In communities around Edmonton, where there is no Community Housing, single individuals, couples, and families with children may apply for subsidized housing through the Private Landlord Rent Supplement Program.

If you are unsure about whether or not this program is right for you, please use our Program Recommender to help guide your decision.

Proof of Income and Rent

Applicants must provide proof of both their income and rent (including copies of rent receipts, cancelled rent cheques, lease agreement, and/or utility bills).

What else Should I know?

Landlord Tenant Relationship

Tenants sign a lease agreement with the private landlord. Under the agreement, they follow the rules and regulations established by the landlord.

Any questions about rent payments, upkeep of the residential premises, emergencies after hours, problems with neighbours, moving out, etc, should be directed to the private landlord and not to CRH.

Tenants must make their rent payments to the private landlord.

Waiting List

Qualified applicants are placed on a waiting list. The waiting list is based on priority, those with the greatest need are offered the next available subsidy.

When a subsidized suite becomes available, the applicant is referred to the private landlord. That landlord may require the applicant to complete an application form and to provide references. Final approval for the suite is at the landlord's discretion.


Some landlords offer pet buildings. If an applicant has a pet, they may indicate on their application form that they need a pet building.

Tenants renting under the Private Landlord Rent Supplement Program must follow their landlord's rules regarding pets.

Security Deposit

Tenants are required to pay a security deposit, with the amount being set by the private landlord.

Transfer of Subsidy

In this program the rent supplement subsidy is attached to the rental unit and does not transfer should the tenant move out.

In certain cases a transfer my be needed within the same building. CRH must be contacted before any move is made to request approval of the move.

Geographic Boundaries

This program provides subsidies in Edmonton and surrounding areas.

How To Apply

People interested in the Private Landlord Rent Supplement Program may complete the necessary application form and submit them to CRH.

Related Information

Download the Private Landlord Rent Supplement brochure.

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