Direct Rent Supplement

The Direct Rent Supplement Program has been established by Alberta Housing and Urban Affairs to help address the housing need throughout Alberta. Capital Region Housing (CRH) administers this program in Edmonton and surrounding communities.

How can this program help me?

In this program, tenants rent from a private landlord and are given a rent subsidy from CRH to help with their housing costs.

The amount of assistance is based on the difference between the tenant's qualified rent and 30% of their income, to a maximum subsidy of $500. This amount is then fixed for one year. Eligibility for continued assistance, which is subject to ongoing funding, is reviewed every year.

Am I eligible for this program?

To qualify, applicants must be Canadian Citizens, independent landed immigrants, or government sponsored landed immigrants. Assets and belongings cannot exceed $25,000.

Total gross household income cannot be more than the income limits stated below, based on the number of bedrooms you are eligible for:

Bedroom Size Maximum Income per Year
Bachelor/Studio $36,000
One Bedroom $42,000
Two Bedroom $53,000
Three Bedroom $65,500
Four Bedroom $72,000
Five + Bedroom $74,500


This program is open to people who are renting a legal suite (e.g. apartment, townhouse, house).

If you are unsure about whether or not this program is right for you, please use our Program Recommender to help guide your decision.

Proof of Income and Rent

Applicants must provide proof of both their income and rent (including copies of rent receipts, cancelled rent cheques, lease agreement, and/or utility bills).

What else should I know?

Landlord Tenant Relationship

Tenants sign a lease agreement with the private landlord. Under the agreement, they follow the rules and regulations established by the landlord.

Any questions about rent payments, upkeep of the residential premises, emergencies after hours, problems with neighbours, moving out, etc, should be directed to the private landlord and not to CRH.

Tenants must make their rent payments to the private landlord.

Taxable Benefit

The Direct Rent Supplement is a taxable benefit. CRH will issue tax receipts to the tenants at the end of the year.

The supplement may affect other benefits the tenants receive. They should check with their benefit provider.

Waiting List

Qualified applicants are placed on a waiting list. The waiting list is based on priority, those with the greatest need are offered the next available subsidy.


Tenants renting under the Direct Rent Supplement Program must follow their landlord's rules regarding pets.

Security Deposit

Tenants are required to pay a security deposit, with the amount being set by the private landlord.

Geographic Boundaries

Tenants may move within the area outlined below and will still receive their rent supplement; tenants should inquire with CRH prior to moving to see if the new location is eligible. Tenants must notify CRH in writing of any change of address and provide a copy of the new lease agreement and receipts showing payment of first month's rent and security deposit. Should tenants move outside the geographic areas CRH is responsible for, the rent supplement will end and they will have to reapply in their new location for another rent supplement.

Geographic boundaries are from Fort Saskatchewan south to Leduc and from Spruce Grove east to Sherwood Park. Requests from outside this region will be reviewed on a case by case basis.

How To Apply

People interested in the Direct Rent Supplement Program may complete the necessary application forms and submit them to CRH.

Related Information

Download the Direct Rent Supplement brochure.

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