Become familiar with your tenant policies.

CRH tenants are expected to comply with certain policies (rules) as indicated in their residential tenancy agreement (lease). These policies ensure we comply with legislation and create consistency and transparency in our processes. We encourage you to become familiar with these policies to help have a successful tenancy with Capital Region Housing. If you have any questions about these policies, please contact us.

Community Housing tenant policies include (but are not limited to):

Paying Your Rent

Paying your rent by the first of the month is required under your residential tenancy agreement and in the Residential Tenancies Act. Find out more about how to pay your rent by reviewing our Rent Policy information sheet below.

Tenant Maintenance Responsibilities

As part of your residential tenancy agreement, tenants are responsible for minor repairs and upkeep in their homes, which will help keep your home in its best condition. This includes changing light bulbs, furnace filters (townhouses only), and batteries in smoke detectors and keeping your balcony or yard clean. Find out more about your responsibilities in the information sheet below.

Annual Income Review and Continued Eligibility

Capital Region Housing is required by our grant agreements to verify the income of all tenant households every year to confirm eligibility. Your annual income review must be completed by the anniversary of your tenancy agreement (lease). Find out more about these rules and how to complete your annual income review by reviewing our information sheet below.


We understand that you may want to go on vacation or might have family emergencies that require being away from your home. Capital Region Housing’s Absences Policy allows tenants to be away from their home while ensuring that tenancy responsibilities are maintained. Review these rules in our absences information sheet below.

Guests & Visitors

Capital Region Housing recognizes that having friends and family over to your home is important. Our Guests and Visitors Policy allows tenants to have people over within certain time limits. After these time limits, guests will be considered a new household member. Review these rules in the information sheet below.


Tenants may only park in Capital Region Housing parking areas if they have signed a parking agreement. Our parking policy and agreement ensures that this space is used safely and responsibly. Review our Parking Policy and Agreement in the information sheet below.

Pest Control

It is Capital Region Housing's responsibility to get rid of pests in a safe and effective way. It is the tenant's responsibility to follow these rules to prevent pests and to comply with our pest control contractors' instructions if there are pests in your home. Review these rules in the information sheet below.

Modifying Your Home

Tenants are not permitted to make changes to their homes. If tenants have questions or concerns about the changes they can make to their home or yard, review the information sheet on modifying your home below.

Outdoor and Common Spaces

Responsibly using outdoor and common spaces is an important part of ensuring the safety of our tenants, staff and buildings. Read our rules to make sure everyone stays safe on our properties in the information sheet below.

Pets & Service Dogs

We recognize that pets are part of a happy home. Tenants may have one pet with approval from Capital Region Housing. Tenants must submit a pet application and sign a pet addendum before moving a pet into their home. Service dogs are not considered pets. There are no breed restrictions on a qualified service dog but the service dog must have appropriate documentation to be recognized as a service dog. Review our rules around pets and service dogs below.

Security & Crime Free Multi Housing Program

Tenants are an important part of keeping our buildings safe and secure. Capital Region Housing also works in partnership with the Edmonton Police Service through the Crime Free Multi Housing program to keep our buildings safe. Review these policies below.

After Hours Emergencies

If you need help outside of business hours, we are still available to assist you. GardaWorld Security is our partner in safety & security for all of our buildings. They are available to assist in emergencies after regular business hours during the week and over the weekend. If you experience a problem after business hours, call 780-420-6161. For more information about when and how to contact CRH for after hours emergencies, review our information sheet below.

Tenant Damages & Chargebacks

Tenants are responsible for maintaining their home in good condition. Tenants who do not comply with their residential tenancy agreement and/or damage the unit beyond normal wear and tear shall be charged for repairs. Review our rules about damages below.

Tenant Issues

Capital Region Housing is committed to eviction prevention. We will work with tenants as much as possible to manage problematic behaviors and educate about tenant rules and responsibilities to avoid eviction. If you are having a problem with your tenancy or another tenant, review our policy on tenant issues below.

Locks, Keys and Fobs

Capital Region Housing will provide keys, security fobs and laundry cards to all tenants free of charge upon move in so they can access the building, their unit, and laundry facilities. If a tenant loses their key, security fob or laundry card they will be charged a replacement cost and any costs related to changing the locks if necessary. For more information, review our policy in the information sheet below.

Fire Safety Statement

Capital Region Housing takes fires safety and prevention seriously. If you notice any damaged, missing or broken fire equipment in your building, please call the Capital Region Housing Maintenance Department at 780-420-6161 ext 2. If you see a fire or any other emergency call 911.

Moving Out

Capital Region Housing recognizes that people’s lives change and they may move out. The steps a tenant should follow when moving out are outlined in the information sheet below.