Near Market Housing rates are set 10-20% below current market rental rates.

Capital Region Housing provides over 600 Near Market Housing homes. In this program, the rent is set about 10-20% below market rent for a similar sized unit in the area and is adjusted periodically to reflect the market changes. Near Market Housing is governed by the Residential Tenancies Act and its regulations.

Are you eligible for Near Market Housing?

Near Market Housing eligibility is based only on your household income; there are no citizenship or asset level requirements for this program. Depending on which building you choose to live in, we use two different measures of income: Household Income Limits or Median Household Income.

A household is eligible when:

The number of bedrooms your household needs is determined based on the National Occupancy Standard. This standard requires one bedroom for:

•    each cohabiting adult couple (spouses or adult interdependent partners);
•    each household member 18 years of age and over;
•    each pair of children under age 18 who are the same gender;
•    each pair of children under the age of 5 who are different genders

A household of one individual can occupy a bachelor or studio unit (i.e. a unit with no bedroom). A maximum of two people may occupy a one bedroom. 

Capital Region Housing must follow the National Occupancy Standard when allocating bedrooms to household to ensure there are enough bedrooms for the household to be adequately housed. 

Additional Requirements

Some buildings have additional eligibility requirements. For more information, please review the Near Market bedroom listing.  

  • Central Village – applicants must be 50 years of age or older.

  • NCS Housing – applicants must provide Indigenous peoples status.

Capital Region Housing may decline to consider an application for Near Market rentals from:

  • A former tenant who caused significant damage in their previous tenancy;

  • An applicant who receives extremely negative landlord references; or,

  • An applicant who has an extremely poor credit score.

Applicants who are declined may still apply for rent supplement programs. Credit checks will only be done when employment or rental history is incomplete.

High Risk Offenders

As of November 1, 2016, Capital Region Housing does not require police information checks for applicants. However, all adult household members shall be checked against Alberta Justice and Solicitor General’s High Risk Offender List. Household members who are on the list are not eligible for Community Housing, Near Market Housing, or Mixed Income Housing, but can still apply for rent supplement programs.

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