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Internet Browsers

This website uses many modern features that older browsers may not support. The CRHC website has been tested on the following browsers:


If you are using a browser other than one in this list, the website may not behave as intended. CRHC recommends that you download and install one of these internet browsers if you do not already have one installed.

File Formats

All of the downloadable documents presented on this website are in .pdf form and are compatible with Adobe Reader 7 and up. CRHC recommends that you download Adobe Reader 9 to view and fill out these documents. There is a link to the Adobe Reader website on every website page in the bottom right hand corner.

All .pdf forms have been tested with Adobe Reader's Read Out Loud functionality for those who are visually impaired.

Bad Encrypt Dictionary error

If you receive this error message when attemping to open a .pdf file from this website, it can mean that the version of Adobe Reader installed on your computer is not up-to-date. All of our .pdf documents are compatible with Adobe Reader 7and up. Click here to download the newest version of Adobe Reader.

Cookies and JavaScript

CRHC's website makes use of cookies and JavaScript to provide for more advanced functionality on the website. While the website may work with cookies and JavaScript disabled in your internet browser, you may experience issues using some of the features of the website. It is recommended that you enable cookies and JavaScript for the CRHC website to function properly.

Website Features

Adjusting Font Size

In the top, right-hand corner of the website, you can find the controls to easily adjust the font size of CRHC's website.

Clicking on the '+' will increase your font size, where clicking on the '-' will make the font on the page smaller.

Unfortunately, due to technical restrictions, we cannot increase/decrease the size of all the text on each page.

Showing Word Definitions

On every web page except for the home page, you can find the 'Show Definitions' link in the top, right-hand corner.

Clicking on this link will underline words that may have a confusing or CRHC specific definition.

Hovering over one of the underlined words will reveal a tooltip that gives you the definition of the word.

Website Search

In the top, right-hand corner of the website, you can find a text field that will allow you to search the website.

Type what you are searching for in the text box, then press Enter or click on the Go button. This will then search the website and bring up the results for the keywords you've entered.

Also, if you are currently a tenant of CRHC and you have your Lease ID Number, you can search for information specific to your program. Just enter the first set of digits from your Lease ID into the search text box. The first set of digits is everything that appears before the first '/'. Doing this will give you a list of the pages that are specifically for your program.

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