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Capital Region Housing provides Direct Rent Supplements (drs) on behalf of the Government of Alberta. In this program, recipient households live in private rental homes and receive a monthly supplement amount paid directly to them to help make their rent more affordable. This program is administered within the City of Edmonton and surrounding communities. It is governed by the Rent Supplement Regulation and the Social Housing Accommodation Regulation. In this program, Capital Region Housing does not act as the landlord.

PLEASE NOTE: Capital Region Housing has exhausted all available funding for the DRS program for 2019. However, we are accepting new applications. These applications will be placed on the waitlist. Once a subsidy becomes available, it will be offered to the eligible applicant with the highest point score.

We will honour all approved commitments for subsidies in 2019. Recipients who continue to be eligible and who adhere to the subsidy agreement for the DRS program will continue to receive the subsidy in 2019.

Capital Region Housing provides Direct Rent Supplements in the following communities:


Bon Accord
Fort Assiniboine
Fort Saskatchewan



Sherwood Park
Smoky Lake
Spruce Grove
St. Albert

Stony Plain

Are you eligible for a Direct Rent Supplement?

In order to be eligible for a Direct Rent Supplement, households must meet certain criteria. These criteria are set out in section 9 of the Social Housing Accommodation Regulation and include:

Eligible Housing

Housing that is eligible for a Direct Rent Supplement is a self-contained, rented home. This means the home has its own kitchen and bathroom. A recipient could live in:

  • A basement suite or secondary suite as long as it has been approved by the municipality in which it is located

  • Co-operatives with a written co-operative agreement

  • Mobile home where the tenant is renting both the mobile home and the pad with a written tenancy agreement

  • Detached housing, row/townhouse, duplex or triplex, or apartments or condos with a written tenancy agreement

There are also specific types of housing that are not eligible:

  • Hotels, motels, and AirBnB-type arrangements

  • Illegal basement/secondary suites

  • Owned mobile homes requesting supplement for the rent of the pad

  • Shared living accommodations with the landlord

  • Housing owned by the applicant

Applicants are not eligible for Direct Rent Supplements if they live in a building where the rent is based on rent geared-to-income (social housing).

If you have a roommate, you can still apply for the supplement – Capital Region Housing will provide a Direct Rent Supplement for the recipient’s portion of the rent only.

Core Housing Need (income levels)

A household is eligible when their total annual income (before taxes) is below the Household Income Limits (HILS). HILS is set by the Government of Alberta yearly and is indexed to the number of bedrooms your household needs.

Enough bedrooms means one bedroom for:

  • each cohabiting adult couple (spouses or adult interdependent partners);

  • each household member 18 years of age and over;

  • two children under age 18 who are the same gender;

  • two children under the age of 5 who are different genders

A household of one individual can occupy a bachelor or studio unit (i.e. a unit with no bedroom). A maximum of two people may occupy a one bedroom. 

View 2019 Current Income Thresholds.

Asset Limits

The total value of the household's assets must be less than $25,000.

Included assets include:

  • money in regular bank accounts

  • property owned (such as a house or recreational vehicle).

Exempted assets include:

  • the primary vehicle for a household

  • assets such as RRSPs, RESPs, RDSPs, RRIFs and TFSAs

  • clothing and tools for work purposes

Citizenship requirements

In order to be eligible for a Direct Rent Supplement, all members of a household must have one of the following citizenship statuses:

  • Canadian citizenship,

  • permanent residency (except for those who are under a private sponsorship arrangement), government assisted refugees, or

  • individuals who have applied for refugee or immigration status and private sponsorship has broken down.

Residency Requirement

Capital Region Housing does not have a residency requirement. This means you do not have to live in the Edmonton area for a certain amount of time before applying for housing or rent supplement.

Who makes up my household?

A household is defined in the Social Housing Accommodation Regulation under section 1(1)(i) as: an individual who is applying for or occupying social housing accommodation, including the following, if any:

  • The spouse or adult interdependent partner of the applicant or occupant

  • An individual related by blood, adoption or marriage, or by virtue of an adult interdependent relationship or who is known to have lived regularly as a member of the household as part of the family unit

  • The dependents who are living with the applicant or occupant, including any dependents of whom the applicant or occupant has sole or joint custody

  • a member of the household who is usually a member of the household but is temporarily absent by any reason of:

    • Military service

    • Hospitalization

    • Employment

    • School attendance

    • Other special circumstances  

  • A live-in aide

High Risk Offenders

As of November 1, 2016, Capital Region Housing does not require police information checks for applicants. However, all adult household members shall be checked against Alberta Justice and Solicitor General’s High Risk Offender List. Household members who are on the list are not eligible for Community Housing, Near Market Housing, or Mixed Income Housing, but can still apply for rent supplement programs.



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