Our policies help us meet our vision of building quality homes and inclusive communities with engaged people.

In addition to our specific operational policies, Capital Region Housing operates with a commitment to several organization-wide policies. These policies help us to meet our vision and mission and align with our corporate values. These policies also ensure we comply with all applicable legislation and regulations. 

Customer focus

Capital Region Housing values its customers and their experiences, and we are dedicated to serving our customers and stakeholders. As such, we have developed a customer focus framework, to ensure that we are operating with a consistent and transparent set of customer-centric principles. 

Confidentiality & FOIP

Capital Region Housing must collect some personal information about applicants, tenants and subsidy recipients in order to fairly and responsibly provide housing and subsidies. CRH maintains the privacy and security of applications and tenant/recipient files in accordance with the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FOIP Act).

Video surveillance

Safety for our customers, staff, partners and other stakeholders is a key priority for Capital Region Housing. To ensure ongoing monitoring of our facilities, we use video surveillance or CCTV systems. In doing so, we do our best to balance tenantsā€™ rights to privacy with the need to ensure the safety and security of our communities.