Applicant FAQs

How long will it take for my application to be approved?

<p>The processing of applications will be completed as quickly as possible. You will be contacted by CRHC staff and advised if you are eligible. If you are eligible you will be put on a waiting list for the programs you applied for. Due to high demand for all of our programs we are unable to say when housing or a subsidy will be available.</p>

Can I apply for both Community Housing and a Subsidy?

<p>Yes, applicants may apply for Community Housing and all of the Subsidy programs they qualify for. However, applicants may only receive one subsidy or Community Housing not both.</p>

How long will I have to wait for Housing or a Subsidy?

<p>Capital Region Housing Corporation's waiting list is not a numbered, first-come-first-served system. Each file is assessed individually and housing or a subsidy is based on priority, need and availability. Unfortunately we are unable to tell an applicant when a unit or subsidy comes available as we currently have over 2000 applicants on our wait lists. When a unit or subsidy becomes available our placement officers will contact the applicant who is next on the priority wait list.</p>

Where do I apply?

<p>Those wishing to apply must complete an application form that can be picked up at Capital Region Housing Corporation 10232 - 112 Street, Edmonton Monday to Friday between 8:30 am and 4:00 pm. These forms are also available on this website in the Documents and Forms section.</p>

What happens if my situation changes?

<p>It is important that applicants keep their files up to date. If the circumstances change applicants must notify Capital Region Housing Corporation as soon as possible as the change may affect their place on the wait list. Please complete a Change of Information form and get it to Capital Region Housing Corporation as soon as possible. This form can be found in the Documents and Forms section of this website.</p>

What can I do to get a unit or subsidy sooner?

<p>Since the wait list is based on priority, need and availability, the only thing that an applicant can do is to keep their file up date. If anything changes in the situation, applicants need to contact Capital Region Housing Corporation as soon as possible in writing by completing the Change of Information form.</p>

Where am I on the Wait List?

<p>It is not possible to tell where an applicant is on the wait list because it is based on priority, need and availability. When a unit comes available, Capital Region Housing Corporation will contact the applicant whose individual situation is the most urgent and meets the qualifications of the unit.</p>

Does Capital Region Housing Corporation supply translation services?

<p>Capital Region Housing Corporation does not supply translation services. It is the responsibility of the applicant to supply their own interpreter.</p>

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