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Capital Region Housing (CRH) is a management body incorporated by ministerial order under the Alberta Housing Act.

The Ministerial Order is the constitution of the Corporation and outlines its structure and authority. The Order is amended from time to time.

From 1970 to January 1, 1995 operations were carried on as the Edmonton Housing Authority. Changes made to the Act on January 1, 1995 repealed the incorporation of the Authority and created the Corporation.

Core Business

The core business of CRH is the provision of affordable housing in the Alberta Capital Region. Core Business Strategies include:

  • Property Management
    Capital Region Housing provides professional housing and asset management to applicants, tenants, program funders, and property owners.
  • Program Administration
    Capital Region Housing provides program administration for a number of rental-subsidy and support programs
  • Property Development
    Capital Region Housing develops/purchases housing units to provide affordable housing to meet the needs of the Alberta Capital Region.

Associated Companies

To accomplish all of its objectives and goals Capital Region Housing has developed a close working relationship with a group of companies, each having a key role in the provision of affordable housing.

  • Capital Region Housing Foundation - A registered charity
  • CTD Housing Solutions Edmonton Ltd. - A not-for-profit housing development corporation
  • Edmonton Housing Assistance Partnership Ltd. -  A not-for-profit partnership

Community Principles

CRH is committed to the following principles:

  1.  Screening and selecting clients for appropriate housing options;
  2.  Maintaining condition, safety, and security on all CRHC sites;
  3.  Providing clear and appropriate communication with our community;
  4.  Offering access to formal issue resolution for clients;
  5.  Informing clients about community services; and
  6.  Ensuring new housing developments meet or exceed mandated construction standards.


Contact Us

Office Address:
Capital Region Housing Corporation
10232 - 112 Street NW
Edmonton, Alberta T5K 1M4

Office Hours:
8:30 am to 4:00 pm, Monday to Friday
(closed statutory holidays)

Telephone: 780-420-6161

Information Line: 780-428-8200
(24 hour recording with general information about who qualifies and how to apply)

Fax: 780-426-6854




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