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We’ve been helping people find home since 1970

Originally incorporated by provincial ministerial order as the Edmonton Housing Authority (EHA) in 1970, Capital Region Housing (CRH) is the largest provider of social and near market housing in the Edmonton area. We currently manage over 4500 social housing rental units and over 600 near market housing rental units, and offer both townhouses and apartments throughout the city.

In 1995, the new Alberta Housing Act came into effect. The province made significant changes to the Act, one of which was to dissolve Housing Authorities and create “management bodies” to assume the previous responsibilities of the Authorities. Capital Region Housing  was established as a management body by provincial ministerial order on January 1, 1995 and assumed all the assets and liabilities of EHA.


Our vision is to build quality homes and inclusive communities with engaged people. Our mission is to improve the well-being of children and families in our communities through a continuum of quality housing options, supports and partnerships.

Our board, leadership team, staff and partners are bound together by a common set of values:

  • Dedication to every client's or tenant's success

  • Integrity and responsibility in all relationships

  • Innovation achieved through collaboration in our organization and in the community


Put People First - By treating everyone with empathy, understanding, respect, fairness and appreciating diversity; and by connecting with customers and stakeholders as a primary source for organizational learning and improvement.

Focus on Solutions - By using facts, data and the best information; acting with passion and a positive attitude towards our work; using mistakes as learning opportunities, and being flexible and adaptable to embrace change and continuous improvement.

Work Collaboratively and Transparently - By fostering a safe space to communicate openly and honestly so everyone has the self-confidence and courage to be completely candid; and by acting with conviction and personal humility with the goal of co-operation and consistency.

Invest - By effectively utilizing, revitalizing and developing all of our assets for the greatest possible growth and success of our employees, customers and the organization.

Do What’s Right - By acting with integrity, behaving responsibly, operating within the parameters of all applicable legislation and regulation, being good stewards of public dollars, and holding each other accountable to live these values.


Our core business is to provide affordable housing, which we achieve through the following:

Providing professional housing and asset management to
applicants, tenants, program funders, and property owners.

Property Management

Providing program administration for a number of
rental-subsidy and support programs.

Program Administration

Developing/purchasing housing units to provide affordable
housing to meet the needs of the Edmonton Metropolitan Region.

Property Development

Our effort to implement comprehensive affordable housing programs means that over 25,000 people have the opportunity to be in a safe and healthy home that they can afford.